Low temperature liquid and solid state NMR, hydrogen transfer and hydrogen bonding, catalysis, isotope effects and labels, crystalline and amorphous solids, surfaces.


The research program of Prof. Limbach was focused on the design and the study by NMR spectroscopy of the structure and dynamics of isotopically labeled molecular model systems for proton and hydride transfer.

The range between small organic molecules embedded in liquids, solids and surfaces, modified enzymes, oligonucleotides and transition metal hydrides as well as transition metal nanoparticles was covered. For that purpoes, variable temperature liquid and solid state NMR spectroscopy were applied.

The aim was to measure kinetic, equilibrium and geometric isotope, tunneling, solvent and surface effects of hydrogen transfer in high- and low-barrier hydrogen bonds and in the coordination sphere of transition metal catalysts, and to model the results theoretically.

Some of this research is currently continued in the groups of Prof. Dr. Gerd Buntkowsky, Technical University of Darmstadt, Prof. Dr. Klaus Weisz, University of Greifswald, Dr. habil. Ilya Shenderovich, University of Regensburg and Dr. Peter Tolstoy, St. Petersburg State University

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Very important collaborators of Prof. Limbach whose publications are listed here were Prof. Dr. Gleb S. Denisov and Prof. Dr. Frank Strohbusch.